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What Happens If You Fail!?

I just wrote a guest post on The Coaching Actuaries Blog about what happens when you fail an actuarial exam.

Head on over there and have a look: What Happens If You Fail!?


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Mistakes in the News

You may remember our previous article about Actuaries Making Mistakes?

Well, apparently it is not just actuaries and the stakes are quite high in this case. You may have heard about the mistakes made in the Reinhart and Rogoff study, which was uncovered by the Herndon, Ash and Pollin Read the rest

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Gamification of Your Actuarial Studies

This article is cross-posted on Actuarial Post.


You like video games, of course you do. The thrill of achieving a high score, of passing yet another level! The endorphins that are released into your blood stream contribute to that euphoric “gamer’s high” and you feel just great!

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Actuaries Make Mistakes

I noticed a typo in your spreadsheet, you’re fired!

Ok, ok, settle down there. No one is going to (or should we say “no one should”) fire you over a silly mistake. But what happens when the mistake is not silly and ends up costing the company real money Read the rest

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Actuarial Science Student Anger

As our editorial staff are skiing this whole week, we decided to entertain you with some light-hearted humour:

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