Podcasts for Actuaries

As we promised in our initial post on this theme, here is an ever-growing list of podcasts and other audio content that may be relevant for actuaries and actuarial students. If you want to add anything to this list, please let us know, or leave a comment here.

Here goes:


(last updated 6 March 2013)

The CAS posts excerpts from its annual meetings in the form of podcasts. If you are in the P&C area, these may be of use.

Not very current, nevertheless the UK Actuarial Profession hosts some mp3 files on its site that may be useful to some of you in the UK.

Society of Actuaries in Ireland regularly holds free meetings for its members, where various interesting subjects are discussed. You can listen in on these meetings via their podcasts.

SOA produce a few podcasts as a part of its Professional Development. At the moment of this writing, the following sections have some podcasts posted: Actuary of the Future Section, Education and Professional Development, Financial Reporting Section, Health Section, Pension Section, Taxation Section. 

Sim Segal, an ERM consultant and an author of the Corporate Value of Enterprise Risk Management book (which is used for some actuarial exams), has his own “radio show”, where he discusses various ERM related issues and sometimes interviews guests. One downside is that you have to remain on his site and use a Flash player to enjoy the content, which is not very user friendly. Why have this barrier to entry? Ask Sim Segal.

Did you know that Economist has an audio edition? It comes included with every print and digital subscription. You can get approximately 8 hours of listening pleasure per issue and it is conveniently split into chapters.

This podcast gives you some detailed insight into the movers and shakers of the financial markets, primarily in the US, but also in the world. Actuaries need to know what is happening in the general markets outside the insurance business. It is published daily and consists of several sub-podcasts. The Morning Edition is perfect for the morning commute, while the rest can be enjoyed on your way home or at the gym.

A whimsical yet interesting and informative podcast from the authors of the Freakonomics and Super Freakonomics books. As actuaries, we need to always be asking questions and look at the hidden side of everything! This one is published more or less weekly.

Quite an interesting podcast from NPR, think what you want of them. They bring you interesting stories that are not always discussed in the daily news segments, which tend to concentrate on up-and-down economics instead. This one is published several times a week.

As our audience is global, you need global perspective. For that head on over to the BBC! Daily world updates await.

An extremely interesting podcast for the academic in you. Do you want to know what Schumpeter would have thought about the current economic crisis? Listen to this! It is published more or less once a week.

This podcast is full of insurance news, some of which may be interesting to you. It is published daily.

This podcasts is similar to Econ Talk. It contains interviews with interesting people in the world of business, finance, politics, economics etc. Published weekly it is a good podcast to have when you have run out of your daily listening material, as the content tends to be full of “MBA-speak”, as noted by someone on the Actuarial Outpost forums.

Wall Street Journal publishes a whole lot of podcasts, some daily, some weekly. Head on over to their page and pick one you like.

Bloomberg, similarly to WSJ, published a host of podcasts on various themes. Check out their page.

For the Canadians in the audience, we have to say that there used to be a good round-up podcast from the Financial Post that highlighted the Canadian business news. Sadly, it is no longer with us. Perhaps it will make resurgence in the near future.

This podcast is very similar to Marketplace, WSJ and others, where a panel discusses the day’s top business and investing stories. It is useful to remain in the know of the movers and shakers in the markets.

A new addition to the more science-centric than entertainment podcasts, the Risk Science was born in June 2013 and already has some excellent episodes. A few guys and girls have a round-table discussion about things like Monte Carlo simulations, Bayesian Inference and the probability of getting lucky, given that you stay up all night.


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