An actuary is like a numbers ninja who looks risk in the face and quantifies, manages and mitigates it. An actuary typically works in insurance/finance by day and slays dragons by night. For a more boring description visit www.beanactuary.com.


Who the…???

This site was started by Anton Kobelev, who is a ninja wannabe. He is a CERA (Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst) and works in actuarial life consulting. He says that he really wants to be able to slay dragons, but sadly he does not yet have enough XP.


Why Startup???

Two reasons: First, this IS a startup! This is our way of productive procrastination, giving back to the community, venting etc.

Second, this blog attempts to guide the actuarial students during the start of their actuarial studies and career. We hope that, aside from entertaining them a bit, we will also provide them with some valuable advice.


On the Use of “We”

At the moment, the only author on this site is me, Anton. Therefore I use the royal “we” in some posts. However, I hope that in the future some others will want to post their articles here. If you do, please send us a note.


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