Books for Actuaries

Books for actuaries


Huzzah! Not long ago we issued a public outcry to the Actuarial Mailing List subscribers and to our Twitter followers for some book recommendations and finally we are ready to share the results. Dusting off and cataloguing our own books and scouring the interwebs for suggestions, behold the Actuarial Bookshelf!

Mind you, the list does not contain:

  • actuarial textbooks
  • self-help mantras
  • personal finance preachings

What it does contain is the list of books that will help you understand the world of financial services better, inspire you to learn more and be more productive. Here you can find our comprehensive-to-be list of books for actuaries. 

We will constantly be adding more books, posting full reviews here on the blog. In the meantime, if you have any recommendations that you would like to add to the list (with full attribution, of course!), then please Tweet at us or drop us a line.


Happy reading!


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