Actuarial Computer Skills Tip

Excel VBA for Actuarial Students

This is not your typical product placement post! This is actually a testimonial!

Over the past few weeks I’ve had some time to dedicate to my “actuarial computer skills” improvements. I toyed with the idea of learning the databases, Python, C++ and finally decided to brush up on probably the most useful skill that I will ever need in my actuarial career – VBA programming in Excel and Access.

I thought of buying a book, taking a course or just browsing free online tutorials that are plenty on the web. I decided on, which offers video tutorials. I have to say that both Up and Running with VBA in Excel and Up and Running with VBA in Access courses are both excellent and are highly recommended!

See for yourself:

You can also get a 7-Day Free Trial at to see what the courses are all about. Here is where you can sign up.

Feel free to browse for other useful tutorials, like MySQL, Access, Excel, SPSS and others.


I hope this tip helps you and here is to a VBA-filled day!

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