Solvency II for Beginners

Solvency II for Beginners

Oh boy, I barely had time to learn what Solvency I is all about and now they are changing it all!?


Don’t worry, it will be a long time before Solvency II kicks in, but it certainly has everyone talking about it.

Raise your hand if you:

– work for an insurance company in Europe; or

– work for an insurance company elsewhere that has a subsidiary or a parent in Europe; or

– have been attending meetings and want to participate in the chatter.


If your hand is up in the air, you NEED to know about Solvency II. We had an ambitious plan to write up an introduction to Solvency II and even already sharpened our pencils, but it seems that the Society of Actuaries in Ireland beat us to it.

SAI held a lunch meeting, describing Solvency II to an uninitiated audience. They were kind enough to record the meeting in the form of a podcast and publish the notes. You can find the podcast and the powerpoint presentation here and here.

So we hope that you have a free hour over the upcoming weekend to learn about Solvency II.


See you on the other side!


Image source: JD Lafontaine and if you are wondering what is the relevance to Solvency II – it is based on a three-pillar approach, like everything else is these days…


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