A Little Fun With Excel


Do you spend most of your working day in Excel? Well, that does not mean you can’t have any fun while doing so!

That’s what Cary Walkin thinks. Cary is a qualified CA and an MBA candidate and won’t you have a look at what he created while studying for his MBA:

This spreadsheet is a comprehensive (although visually quite basic) RPG inside an Excel VBA environment. Some of the feature are:

  • Random enemies: Over 2000 possible enemies with different AI abilities.
  • Random items: 39 item modifiers result in over 1000 possible item combinations and attributes.
  • An interesting story with 4 different endings depending on how the player has played the game.
  • 8 boss encounters, each with their own tactics.
  • 4 pre-programmed arenas followed by procedurally generated arenas. Each play-through has its own challenges.
  • 31 Spells. There are many different strategies for success.
  • 20 Unique items. Unique items have special properties and can only drop from specific enemies.
  • 37 Achievements.
  • This is all in a Microsoft Excel workbook.

So next time you are bored at work, navigate over to Cary Walkin’s site and download Arena.xlsm!

This post, aside from letting you know the latest Excel gaming developments, is also an excuse to remind you that the Actuarial Resources section has been updated with a whole lot of links to various actuarial blogs, forums, sites etc.


Image Source: All of the images in this post are courtesy of Cary Walkin.

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