Quick Tip: Distraction-free Browsing

Lynx Browser for distraction free browsing

Do you have a short attention span?

Do you start searching for bond yields on the Financial Times website, only to find yourself on XKCD a half an hour later?

Do you have pesky co-workers, who make snarky comments when they see you reading Google News?


Fear not! With a help of this week’s quick tip you will be able to browse your favourite webpages distraction and ad free.

All it takes is a small batch file that shows you the webpages in a text-only format. The browser is called Lynx and here is how our webpage looks like from the Lynx browser.

Actuarial Startup on Lynx browser

Nifty, eh?


What about this side-by-side comparison of Wikipedia?

Lynx vs. Firefox rendering of Wikipedia

So no longer will you be distracted by the ladies staring at you from the Roadkill T-Shirt ads, self-loading videos, ads and pretty colours.

Your co-workers will develop a new appreciation for you, thinking that you are coding something up in the command line interface.

You will only get the essential content of every webpage, be that a long article on The Actuary or Google News.


Procrastinators worldwide, here or here is where you can download Lynx and you are welcome!


Image Sources: here and here.

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