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“Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.”

Oh no, last thing you want to do is to graduate college, have 3-4 actuarial exams and HAVE NO ACTUARIAL EXPERIENCE! Nightmare, right?

It does not have to be! There are many ways that you can get some experience that will look good on your resume once you graduate and are looking for that first job.

Here is a list of some of them, in no particular order, and by no means exhaustive:

Volunteer for the actuarial society

Any local actuarial society can always benefit from more volunteers. In fact, you can just subscribe to public actuarial listservs (you can find them here) and listen in.

Every actuarial society always issues calls for volunteers so all you need to do is find your actuarial society on our list here and find their volunteer section.

Don’t be afraid that you don’t know anything or anyone. Go, volunteer, participate, make connections, impress people, be a sponge.


Get involved with your college’s actuarial club

Do you think the following looks bad on your resume:

Actuarial Startup Resume Actuarial Startup Resume

Hell no!!! The benefit of getting involved in the student actuarial clubs is that it is not as intimidating as volunteering at the actuarial societies. You are among your peers after all; they are in the same boat!


Participate in the forums

There is a boatload of actuarial forums out there, most notable of which is The Actuarial Outpost and Actuarial Reddit. You can assume an avatar (or more than one!) and participate in the discussions, listen in, talk about non-actuarial topics, make friends, meet future co-workers.


Read relevant publications

Each self-respecting actuarial society has at least one publication. On top of that each section within the society usually publishes a newsletter or a report.

There are also some non-society published actuarial magazines, like the Actuarial Post. In between all the ads you may find a good article or two!


Follow the news

Read The Economist. The Economist always has crazy sales going on for its annual subscription. You will be well informed if you read even a quarter of each weekly magazine.

Do you know that you can customize Google News to your heart’s delight? You can set Google Alerts for a topic you are interested in, Solvency II for example, and get daily news delivered to your inbox or an RSS feed.

Google Alerts for Solvency II


Take advantage of your university’s career centre

We have not had much experience with our university’s career centre  but they did place one of us on a three-day externship at an insurance company and that very same person did find his first internship on their bulletin board, so take what you want from this.


Get a mentor

Did you read our previous post about getting an actuarial mentor? If not, do it now!!!


Now go and get that experience!!!



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