Want to be a Made Guy with the Actuarial Mafia? Get an Actuarial Recruiter.

Actuarial Mafia

“When I introduce you, I’m gonna say, ‘This is a friend of mine'”. 

Did you repeatedly email the company you are set on working at, but cannot break the HR wall?

Too shy to email the Chief Actuary directly?

Everyone needs a connected guy to make the first introduction. Do not despair, there is a made guy who will get you to the Big Boss. This made guy (or girl) is the actuarial recruiter! A capiche?

Imagine receiving an email from the guy you don’t know and then imagine your friend recommending someone. An actuarial recruiter is the company’s best friend!!!

Do not think “I can save the company money by avoiding the recruiter”! This is absolutely the wrong way of thinking. The company would gladly pay this money to a professional to get exactly the person they need.

Here are some tips and tricks that I found work for me when dealing with the actuarial recruiter:

  • Shop around for recruiters

There are plenty of recruiters out there. If you kept your LinkedIn page current you must be getting tons of “great opportunity” emails from various recruiters worldwide. Selecting the right recruiter for the right market, both professionally and geographically, takes some asking around. So ask your friends, mentor, discussion forums.

  • One recruiter at a time

It looks bad if more than one person tries to email your resume to the same company. Stick to one recruiter! Do not do an open call for tenders of your placement. Interestingly enough, actuarial companies frequently work with many recruiters at a time.

  • Mock interview

If the recruiter does not offer it, insist on having the mock interview, either in person or via phone. Expect to absolutely suck on your first mock interview (no matter how good you are), so it is probably a good idea to have a follow up one.

  • Let go of your resume

You know those proud feelings you have about the content and design of your resume, which you ran by your best friend and your mom? Throw them out of the window! Let the recruiter rip your resume to pieces and do not argue! They see hundreds of resumes and you just made one!

  • Let the recruiter tell you what you want

Tell the recruiter your story, let them make a decision on what company suits you better, even if you disagree. Let them tell you what is good for you!

  • Hold hands and sing Kumbaya

Establish a lasting relationship with your recruiter. Chances are, you may use their advice and services again!

However, if you are hell-bent on working at company X and cannot seem to get through their HR, getting an actuarial recruiter with the sole purpose of getting your foot in the door at that same company is useless. For this, I would recommend contacting someone working for the same company, either via LinkedIn or by utilizing the methods outlined in my post on Getting an Actuarial Mentor.


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Quote Credits: Lefty (Al Pacino), Donnie Brasco

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