actuarial resolutions

Actuarial New Year’s Resolutions

It is almost the end of February and yet it is not too late to set your professional resolutions for the year. I have been deep in the “busy season”, more on which later, and this post has been collecting dust in my drafts folder. Although it may not be … Read the rest

Excel VBA for Actuarial Students

Actuarial Computer Skills Tip

This is not your typical product placement post! This is actually a testimonial!

Over the past few weeks I’ve had some time to dedicate to my “actuarial computer skills” improvements. I toyed with the idea of learning the databases, Python, C++ and finally decided to brush up on probably … Read the rest

The Art of a Cold Email

The Art of a Cold Email

Did you ever have to write an email to someone you did not know, whose email you obtained on the internet or via a mutual contact? Haven’t we all! It just so happens that I am doing a lot of it these days, as I am searching for my next … Read the rest


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