Exam Day Routine

The exam season is upon us once again! There are some rituals that I am sure most of us have that we follow before and during the exam. For example, I still wear the same t-shirt that I received as a promotion with my first study manual. It’s been years … Read the rest

Software for actuaries

Software for Actuaries

Actuaries are typically pretty much locked in to the standard software they use at work. This varies from firm to firm and depends on various factors – product mix, regulatory requirements, expertise, availability of resources etc. This software is usually the standard Microsoft Office suite in addition to some sort … Read the rest

The Checklist Manifesto

Book Review – The Checklist Manifesto

A premise of this book could easily be gleaned from the title: checklists – good, no checklists – bad! In fact, the author himself says: “…does it take all that to figure out something that someone who ever made a checklist figured out ages ago?”

However, this book is essential … Read the rest

E-book for Actuaries

Hello there, fellow actuaries.

It has been a long time since I last posted, but I come back bearing gifts. Recently I got an email from a recruiter who shared this interesting e-book with me. Now I would like to share it with you.

With his permission, I am posting … Read the rest